Olivet Seminary Zambia Looking to Strengthen Bible Literary & Theological Knowledge

Olivet Seminary Zambia is launching with the hope to increase Bible literacy as well as enhance theological education and understanding in society today.

Despite the Zambia’s strong Christian heritage and  theological understanding among modern day , there is a large gap emerging in Biblical knowledge between those who are trained in theology and other lay people.

Olivet Seminary Zambia invites all Christians and those interested in the Christian faith to enrol for our large range of courses, all of which are absolutely free.  By completing the courses, you will have the opportunity to secure an official Certificate in Bible and Theology from Olivet Seminary.

A diverse range of courses are already available, and Olivet Seminary Zambia is adding more content from eminent Biblical scholars and theologians every month.

We invite you to enrol at Olivet Seminary Zambia today and begin your journey to a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian theology.